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Tony n' Tina's Wedding Reviews - ArcelorMittal Orbit
''Robert De Domenici, a British actor, born and raised in London known for playing intense leading character roles, was my favourite performer of the night. Maybe that's due to his Italian origin, with family origins in Naples and Calabria, but also to the fact that he stayed in character throughout the evening and so focused on the dark side of his fictional self. He's also a good dancer.''
Monica Costa - London Mums Magazine

''Cast members, including Robert De Domenici, really give it their all at the Orbit in the Olympic Park in London.''
Ed Gleave - Daily Star 

Yaga Theatre Reviews - Drayton Arms Theatre
''Robert De Domenici plays Henry as well as the detective, flipping with ease between the two and holding onto our attention as a strong line through a complex piece.''
Karl O'Doherty - The Reviews Hub

''The performances that hold this play are ultimately what repeatedly brought Yaga to life. Robert De Domenici as Detective Rapp and Sarah Parker as Detective Carson beautifully bounce off each other and into diverse characters with fine-tuned naturalism and genuine performance expertise. The characters were effective, realistic and had a quirky, playful flair which was enjoyable to watch.'' 
Kit Bromovsky - Theatre Weekly

Interview! Rising star Robert De Domenici on acting, tranformation, and enjoying the process

''An Artist's Love Story'': An Interview with Robert De Domenici

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